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From 150 to 200 machines in the cleanest laundromat you’ll ever find, fully attended, with amazing saving deals and open 24 hours. Browse below and learn about other great store features.

Many of our locations are open and fully attended around the clock seven days a week. Over are the days of rushing through your laundry because the last wash is 5 minutes away. Now, you can take your time and relax while you do your laundry. For an updated list of our locations and their times of operation, please visit our locations page.

Huge parking lot available for Laundromax customers strategically located next to an entrance. Just park, unload and wash!

Easy and convenient. No more waiting around for machines to become available; just walk in and help yourself to a variety of washers and dryers in all sizes, of the highest technology and easy to operate.

Dragging around a bunch of quarters is a thing of the past. Laundry cards are fast, convenient and a simpler way to pay for your washers. Obtain a laundry card by simply following the instructions listed in each of our stores or find any of our Customer Service Associates for help. We will be happy to assist!

You can always save money when you do your laundry at Laundromax. From monthly coupons to store specific promotions,  look for our monthly specials or like us on facebook for weekly updates!

Need help adding money to your laundry card or operating that washer? Our team is available to assist you throughout your visit. Look for the laundry specialist with the blue/orange vest; they’ll be more than happy to help.

The nicest part about having a big, spacious laundromat is that we can provide you with plenty of folding tables and laundry carts. No more waiting; we assure you there will always be enough to serve everybody’s needs.

Your security is our priority. All of our stores are under video surveillance around the clock, every day of the week. So do your laundry at leisure; you are safe.

Run out of your favorite soap? No need to run home. Our counter is stocked with lots of options from detergent, fabric softener and bleach to dryer sheets and laundry bags. You’ll find what you need.

Wondering how to entertain your children while you dry clothes? Not to worry. We have a selection of arcade games that will do the job: video games, pinball machines, redemption games and merchandisers.

Feeling thirsty or hungry? No need to leave the store. Choose from a selection of drinks and light snacks available to you just down the aisle.

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