A Brand New Laundromax in Providence, RI

20 September 2017

Specialty: Self-service and Drop off
How many machines: over 150 machines
The ultimate feature: a BEAUTIFUL lounge area that makes it the most comfortable and inviting laundromat in Providence.
What makes it unique: Only laundromat with SUPER GIANT WASHERS in the area
What makes it special: FREE DRY everyday of the week and unlimited
Drop off: professional same day service

Other features:
Always attended
Free parking lot
Free Wi Fi available
Accept credit cards, debit cards and EBT

In an effort to better serve the city of Providence, Laundromax has rebuilt one of its most popular laundromats: 1321 Broad Street. We responded to our customers’ request for a new Laundromax and after 5 months of arduous work around the clock and uninterrupted service, we have for them an establishment with more and new machines, better layout, more comfortable, a clean space for them and their families, where folding tables and laundry carts are always available, where customer service is given a priority and customers are the center of our day to day, equipped with all the features that guarantee better laundry.


Probably the most exciting feature of them all, our new and beautiful lounge area, with leather chairs for comfortable lounging while you wait for your dryers. Our ability to see trends and the evolution of the laundromat has allowed us today to think of Laundromax not only as a place for laundry but as phase of your everyday life. Yours and that of your family.

We encourage you to visit us soon to see for yourself all the great things we have put together for you. For you to see how Laundromax takes the lead and brings the laundry experience to the future.