A new Laundromax in Lowell, MA

15 September 2017

A new laundromat just opened in Lowell and it will change the way you do laundry forever. Located at 23 Aiken Ave. in Lowell, MA, this brand new laundromat is equipped with over 130 pieces of state-of-the-art equipment to guarantee a laundry day that is short, pleasant and efficient. Long gone are the days when laundry had to go on for half a day, when people hated doing laundry, when machines would break and prevent you from doing the things that really matter: spend time with your family, get back to your life and enjoy your weekend. And it is FREE DRY EVERY DAY when you wash with us!

Fully attended and offering uninterrupted service 24 hours, Laundromax proposes laundry that is better, faster and fun: several laundry carts, innumerable folding tables, pleasant customer service, giant washers for better laundry, driers that heat up in a matter of minutes, a lounge area so that you can wait for your laundry in comfort, parking lot, vending machines and more.

Come and visit us today at 23 Aiken Ave. Lowell, MA 01850 and experience for yourself the best laundry experience you will ever have.